About Us

Agriyo is a London based private company having offices in Dubai, Uganda and India focused on developing value for African products and developing new cash crops thereby, creating value for existing African Agri-commodities in international markets.

We have successfully created value and sustainable markets for Ugandan origin Agri-products such as Cocoa, Pulses and Oil seeds.

We are involved in this region since 2015 and established a company in Uganda and local joint ventures in East African Countries.

We have established potential Clientele in South-east and Asian countries.

Our Mission

We are focusing on the prospects for developing small-scale, rural Agri-processing enterprises in East Africa

to supply value-added products to urban consumer markets and industrial processors.

We constantly do research to find out incredibly unique possibilities to use any underutilized Agri-products as cash earning crops for farmers.

The long-term strategy of this type of research is to create and support Agri-enterprise ventures, which contribute towards the growth of a more vibrant rural economy, providing sustainable employment and increased income for rural communities in Africa.

Developing the small-scale processing sector is one approach to transforming low value crops into value-added products.

This strategy also offers the opportunity to access new and higher value market.